Accounting Jobs Baton Rouge

Welcome to Airswift. We provide skilled manpower to every discipline and sector of the energy industry on a global basis. Whether you are looking for upstream drilling jobs in Singapore or accounting jobs Baton Rouge, Airswift is the place to be.

Other employment agencies might be able to help you find accounting jobs in Baton Rouge, but many of them do not specialize in one industry. If you are looking for Baton Rouge accounting jobs within the energy industry, Airswift can connect you with the best brands offering jobs that can really advance your career.

Airswift has 3.5 decades of experience as a global energy staffing and recruiting leader. We began London with one office and fewer than 10 employees. We put a lot of energy into expansion, and we now have projects happening in 57 countries across six continents. One office has become more than 50 around the world, and fewer than 10 employees has become hundreds of employees who work with thousands of contractors. We are very proud of our unsurpassed global pool of talent, as well.


In order to match the 200,000 men and women in our candidate database with the accounting jobs Baton Rouge offered by our excellent company clients, we adhere to our Golden Rule of Recruiting. This says that all candidates must possess at least two of the following criteria: Meet a minimum of 90% of the skills outlined by the client, work within the specified salary range, and be motivated by at least one non-monetary factor. We feel that by using our Golden Rule of Recruiting, we provide happier employees for accounting jobs in Baton Rouge LA.


If you are a job seeker, you can apply for a job or get in touch with our recruitment consultants through our website. This recruitment consultant will work with you to find the best job for you, while updating your resume and providing you with interview preparation. If you find a temporary assignment job, you will become a contractor and be paired with a personal account manager who will guide you through the hiring process and provide any support throughout your assignment. We will also work to have a job ready for you when your assignment is completed. If the accounting jobs Baton Rouge has requires you to move, Airswift provides expert relocation services to help you transition to your new job.

If you are seeking Baton Rouge accounting jobs, check out the job board on our website. If you need to hire staff, please fill in the contact form below or contact us to submit a staffing request for your business.