Administration Jobs

When many people think of jobs in the energy, process and infrastructure industry, they usually do not think about jobs in administration, but without each admin job, our company clients would not be able to carry out the daily operations on which their projects depend.

At Airswift, we are glad to support the admin job that you want or that is vacant in your company. Like other areas of energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting that we work in, careers in administration receive detailed and personalized attention. Just because you are not on a rig or in the corner office does not mean that your work is any less vital to the industry.

For more than 35 years, Airswift has been growing as a global leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting. We started with one small office in London run by just a few employees. Over the decades, we put a lot of energy into expansion, and we now have over 50 offices around the world with hundreds of employees. We have a presence in 57 countries on six continents. Jobs in administration, and every other aspect of the industry, are powered by the unprecedented number of candidates in our database and the support of thousands of contractors. Airswift is a premier international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries.


At Airswift, we locate and fill vacant jobs in administration, including administrative assistants, drawing management coordinators, office managers, payroll administrators, project assistants, project coordinators, rental coordinators, offshore administration jobs and system administrators. Since we work only in energy, process and infrastructure, we are familiar with all of these, and we understand what is required of candidates and what is available from company clients.

No matter where your career in administration might be taking you, we know how to get the process started. As a new candidate, you will work with a recruitment consultant to find that perfect position. If it is temporary (we hire for temp and permanent positions), we will work to find a replacement. We will also take into consideration your thoughts and preferences for relocation.

Once you are in your role as a full Airswift contractor, you will be matched with a personal account manager who stays in touch every couple of weeks to keep tabs on your position.


When you have a vacant admin job, you might find yourself overwhelmed with numerous resumes and inquiries. Let Airswift take care of the vetting, screenings, negotiations and anything else that takes you away from running your business. You will meet qualified, motivated men and women who are excited about careers in administration.


Please feel free to use the contact form below or office locator to reach us today, and we will get you started with Airswift!