Africa Relocation Services

Companies that work in the energy, process, or infrastructure fields have to go where the work is. While your business may be headquartered in one city, it probably seeks work on a regional or even global scale. Certain areas simply have more pressing demands for infrastructure services, energy companies and related industries, like process. If your company secures a contract in a foreign country, you will need to immediately start planning for the project. Logistics concerns, such as staffing and supply lines, are often the most difficult when you company is working on a project in a distant land.

There is demand for infrastructure projects in Africa, as well as plenty of intensive energy projects. You could find yourself or members of your staff relocating to Africa for work. For business relocation services, South Africa is one of several popular locations. There could be lucrative contracts available to your company, but that means you’ll likely need African relocation services. It can be quite difficult to manage an international relocation in house. There are so many factors to consider for international relocations, and small mistakes can result in major delays.

Relocation — South Africa and the Rest of the Continent: Simply the Process

Moving any number of staff or contractors to a new location requires careful planning, attention to detail, and an understanding of requirements. Each country has different rules and laws for international workers. In some cases, you will need work permits. Generally, work visas will be required. There are also international tax considerations when it comes to payroll. Mistakes or oversights on government forms or with planning could cost a lot of money and time to correct later. Working with a company that offers professional Africa relocation services could be the best way to move forward.

An outside company should be able to handle all the details, from arranging for travel to helping staff acclimate to the new location. In terms of relocation, Africa is often outside the service area of businesses. Some companies offer relocation, but only to the biggest cities. Others may limit their services to North America or Europe. Africa is a massive continent with over 30 countries, each with many resources and opportunities. Your best option is to work with a company that has experience working in Africa and an established network there.

Airswift Can Manage African Relocations for Your Company

Whether your company is headed to major city or a rural area, you want to know that the company you trust for relocation has the reach to get you where you need to be. When you choose Airswift for your African relocation needs, your company and your staff will benefit from experienced teams on-site with local knowledge and expertise. Airswift can offer customized services for business relocations, no matter how many people you need to relocate.

We can manage every step of the process, from arranging for travel to assisting your staff with acclimating to the new environment. Airswift has been helping companies by providing workforce solutions for more than 30 years, and we have more than 50 offices globally with capability to service in over 11 locations in Africa.