Alberta Canada Jobs

Have you been thinking about jobs in Alberta, Canada? We do all the time! Make the job search or hiring process easier on yourself by you partnering with Airswift for guidance, support, and information. We are connected with the Alberta, Canada jobs in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, and we would love to make you a part of our family.

It might be uncommon to hear a staffing and recruiting agency talk about family, but we are serious about that at Airswift. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We believe that it makes for happier, better employees and more successful companies when we ensure everyone is valued, not just for their work on jobs in Alberta, Canada, but for who they are and their unique talents.

Back in our earliest days, the jobs Alberta, Canada was offering were not so prominent in our day-to-day operations. Originally based in the United Kingdom, we started small with one office in London, but have expanded in the following years. We now have over 50 offices worldwide with work in 57 countries on six continents, and Alberta, Canada jobs are as important as those in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We have an international network that is made up of literally thousands of people, and we have excellent working relationships with individual contractors and company clients.


Do the jobs in Alberta, Canada sound like dream positions to you? If so, then you have come to the right place. Once you apply for a job on our website, you will work with a recruitment specialist who will help you secure that job, and we will certainly keep an eye out for replacements should the work be temporary. Once you are a working contractor, you will be assigned to a personal account manager, and he or she will be in regular contact about your overall career.

When you are off the clock, the jobs Alberta, Canada offers take on a whole new meaning for those of us in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. If the Alberta jobs Canada has mean relocation for you, we will help you with travel logistics ensuring you feel welcome in your new home.


Stop fretting over the Alberta, Canada jobs that do not have the right applicants, and come to Airswift. We understand what the energy, process and infrastructure industries need, and we take care of all the Human Resources details that can slow down your vetting and hiring processes. Check out what we have to say about the Golden Rule of Recruiting on our website, and rest assured that we abide by it at all times.


Learn more about the jobs in Alberta, Canada energy, process and infrastructure that can make your dreams come true when you use the contact form below or office locator on our website. Thanks for stopping by!