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Welcome to Airswift. We are the ideal partner for anyone looking for a job in Asia or hiring for available jobs in the energy sector. As a world leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting, we have decades of experience and all the right connections. You can begin and end your search with Airswift.

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Whether it is Asia offshore drilling, administration or an executive position in a corner office, we can help. Our exclusive focus in the energy industry allows us to have excellent ongoing relationships with many of the finest individuals and top name brands. We facilitate equally beneficial relationships for our candidates and company clients.

Who is Airswift? We had fewer than 10 employees and one office in London when we began. Our goal was to become the premier energy, process and infrastructure workforce solutions provider, and we knew that we would have to grow if we wanted to deal with any job in Asia. We established a presence in 57 countries on six continents and have hundreds of employees working in more than 50 offices worldwide. After over 35 years, we are proud to have an unsurpassed global talent pool.


Airswift is the place to be if you are interested in Asia offshore drilling. When you apply for a temporary or permanent job on our website, you will work with a recruitment consultant who will guide you through the interview and hiring process. As a working contractor, you will have a personal account manager who will guide you through your new position and keep in touch about any future opportunities. You can think of us as a solid career guide for as long as you need us.

When you are not working, you will have plenty of chances to get to know your coworkers. If you have to relocate, we will make it easy for you to feel at home thanks to our comprehensive mobility services.


From the work on the rigs to that amazing Asia Pacific air, Airswift candidates are passionate and ready to work for your company. Get ready to meet people who are motivated by more than just a paycheck, excited to work and grow within your company, and bring the experience you need. You have a global pool from which to select talent. In fact, we are the largest non-national energy company to place ex-pats in China.


Find your next job in Asia when you apply for a job on our website. Hiring companies can fill the contact form below to learn how we can help you with your hiring needs.