Automation Engineer Jobs Downstream

Welcome to Airswift. If you are interested in becoming an automation engineer, or want to hire a new one at your company, this is the place for you. Let our decades of experience as an energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting company go to work for you and your career or business. We are dedicated to helping build long term and mutually beneficial relationships between workers and employers.

We understand that it takes work to earn an automation engineer salary. If you have been working with other employment agencies that do not have experience with the energy, process and infrastructure industries, you might be frustrated with the limits of their knowledge. At Airswift we work only in these fields, and are exhaustively familiar with their various segments. For those ready to pay such a salary, you can feel confident that we will only send the most qualified people to interview.


We are a huge company with more than 30 office locations, hundreds of employees and thousands of contractors. Our global pool of talent is unrivaled our work spans 57 countries on six continents. It is important to note that we grew to this size from a handful of employees in one small London office, and all in under 36 years. Whether you are looking for an automation engineer or other energy, process and infrastructure employee, we will have the right person for the job. Likewise, we know how to find very rewarding career moves for those in automation engineering.


As a candidate, you will work with a recruitment specialist to land that first position. Then, as a candidate, you will have a personal account manager to talk about current and future options. We know that we do something right at this point, because former contractors often return to find workers of their own in process automation.

If you have to relocate as an automation engineer, we will take care of the travel and housing logistics, as well as visas, passports and immigration papers if need be. Moving to a new city or country is a great way to not just have a great career, but to live out dreams of travel and seeing new things.

As a client, you will only meet highly qualified people for automation engineers design or any other automation engineer salary position. We will take care of screenings and negotiations so that you can keep running your company. Think of us as an extension of your human resources department.


Find out more about automation jobs when you check out the information on our worldwide offices, in addition to the current list of jobs on our website. If you are a candidate, please feel free to create an account and upload your resume. Those interested in being clients can complete the contact form below for companies to begin the partnership.