BG Group Jobs

Our work with BG Group careers has a special place in the heart of Airswift. As a fellow United Kingdom based company, this multinational energy, process and infrastructure sector company offers the BG jobs that many of our contractors seek out and come to love. In turn, we are pleased to provide this industry player with amazing professionals for lucrative BG careers.

During the past decades, Airswift has grown to be a global leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting. After more than 35 years, we’ve grown to operate in over 50 offices all over the world, maintain a database of energy, process and infrastructure professionals that is incomparable in these fields, working in 57 countries. Although BG Group careers are only one part of what we do here, it’s an indispensable one. If BG jobs are what you’re after, or what you’re offering, trust Airswift to connect you with the best.

Within BG Group jobs, we are often able to exercise the best of English hospitality. We couldn’t be happier to have this company in our network of clients, and are always glad to see our contractors land their dream positions with BG careers.


It’s true that other staffing and recruiting agencies might be able to introduce you to BG Group careers, but you deserve someone who understands every aspect of the energy, process and infrastructure industries. From your bi-weekly conversations with your account manager to finding that replacement for a temporary position, you need more than a simple placement to launch your BG Group career. We’ll bring your resume up to date, and make it draw the eyes of companies you want to join. If relocating is something that attracts you, we’ll center in on the city of your choice. Once you get there, learn about your new city with a free concierge pack from Airswift. No need to worry about transportation and housing — Airswift takes care of it all.


As an international energy, process and infrastructure company, BG Group balances numerous levels of employment, as well as a busy human resources department. When you want to hand off some of the hiring burden, trust Airswift to fill your vacant BG Group jobs. We’ll put you face to face with candidates who match with 90 percent or more of your specified criteria, and look forward to the professional growth as much as the paycheck. We take care of background checks and drug screens, as well as payroll services and benefits packages. Whether you’re looking for a group of roustabouts or a new vice president, we have the candidates you want. Better yet, these people are not on the job boards, and you’re not competing with outside players for the best in the business.


For detailed information on what’s possible with BG Group careers, get in touch with Airswift through fill the contact form below, or contact a specific location though the office locator. Your search for BG careers and specialists can end here!