BP Careers

Most have heard of the name BP, formerly known as British Petroleum. However, they might not be as familiar with Airswift. However, as two modern, global companies, we love working together to make the energy, process and infrastructure industries the best they can be.

Are you interested in BP careers? So are we. Since Airswift is such a large organization, we can offer a world of opportunity, along with personalized service to both our individual candidates and our company clients. As soon as you start working with us, you will be a part of the Airswift network.

Here are a few numbers to help you get to know us better. We maintain more than 50 offices all over the world. Through the work of 800 employees and thousands of consultants, we find work for the thousands of candidates named in our database. By working with the top name brands in the industry, we’ve built amazing, ongoing relationships, and now have work happening in 57 countries.


When you are hunting for a job, whether it is entry level, or corner office chair level, the process can be exhausting. Further, working with an employment agency can be rather fruitless if they do not understand your unique experience. Airswift works only in energy, therefore we understand every aspect of the search. We help you polish your resume to attract the right eyes, search in locations that will suit you, and match you with companies that want to reward you well. If the work you find is temporary, your personal account manager will get right to work nailing down a replacement position.


You have the power to build a great BP jobs when you hire through Airswift. We will see to drug screens, background checks, salary arbitration and contract negotiation, as well as payroll services and benefits packages. Your human resources staff will love the additional support we can offer, whether it be short term or something a bit longer. The men and women you will meet through us are motivated, experienced individuals who will be excited to work with you.


To learn more about BP careers and how to expand them, please complete the contact form below on our website, or use the office locator to reach a specific office.