Buyer Expeditor Jobs

When your company relies on regular supplies for its manufacturing activities or contract projects, having skilled buyers and buyers’ assistants can make all the difference in the world. These individuals typically have a comprehensive understanding of your company’s operations, needs and output.

Buyers are often expected to understand and work with their own company’s electronic systems as well as all of their suppliers and customers. A buyer should be someone who is organized, a fast learner, and most importantly, competent.

In the manufacturing, infrastructure, energy and process industries, having adequate supplies and materials on hand can be the difference between completing a contract on schedule and major losses for your business. You need to know that the people handling your buying understand the importance of a continual train of supplies.

They should work proactively by monitoring your company’s production and material use, placing orders for the right amounts before your organization runs out of critical supplies or components for a product or contract.

What Does a Buyer Do?

For those who aren’t quite familiar with the career path of buyers, you may be wondering what is a buyers’ job description? Overall, the buyer job description includes the ongoing support of tactical and provisioning needs within your company. It is a buyer’s job to determine which supplies and materials your company needs, order them in a timely manner, and ensure your manufacturing facility or jobsite will not go without critical supplies for any length of time. Generally, a buying position involves analysis and logistics, requiring a person with self-motivation and people skills.

If your company is look to hire for buyer jobs or expeditor jobs, it often makes a lot of sense to outsource the recruiting for these positions to comprehensive workforce solutions companies. A company like Airswift can ensure you find a candidate with the right skills and experience.

Airswift Can Connect You With Skilled Buyers

As a global leader in the workforce solutions industry, Airswift understands how critical buyer positions can be. You don’t want a position sitting open for months while your human resources and management teams try to locate the best possible candidate.

When your company needs a buyer, buyer’s assistant or expeditor, you want these positions filled as quickly as possible with the best potential candidate. Airswift can help make that expectation a reality.

In addition to Talent Acquisition services, Airswift also provides full end-to-end Global Mobility Solutions for any relocations of your workforce or contractor base. As a workforce solutions provider, we aim to provide more than just staffing and recruitment. Whatever your workforce needs may be, choose Airswift as your trusted partner.

Airswift has over 30 years supporting companies of all sizes within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Choose Airswift today.