Canada Job Placement Agencies

Canada is a massive country, covering so much area that it is actually the second largest nation in the world. It is also rich in natural resources, including natural gas and oil. There are huge offshore deposits of natural gas, as well as oil sands, and these resources give Canada claim to the title of third largest share of oil reserves in the world. They also allow this developed nation to export more energy than it uses or imports, which is impressive.

Despite its massive size, people often overlook this nation as a potential source of lucrative business opportunities. This is unfortunate, particularly for companies in the energy, infrastructure, and energy fields. If your company has taken a more enlightened approach, and sought or secured contracts or projects in Canada, you could end up needing support for either relocating staff to Canada or recruiting the best local talent close to the job site. In order to secure the best possible talent for key positions, it may be wise to work with Canada job placement agencies for recruiting and hiring.

Outsourcing International Hiring Makes Canadian Projects Easier

Canada has a large pool of talent for your company to draw from for major projects. Canadian placement agencies can help you locate and recruit that talent, but they could also limit your reach and complicate your business operations. When it comes to job placement agencies, Canada is often underrepresented, which can leave your business in a position where it has to contract with new agencies for each new project. In time, the management of vendor contracts could prove to be an overwhelming obligation for your company. You could find yourself dealing with dozens of placement agencies.

Instead of outsourcing with several companies for various staffing solutions, choose to partner with Airswift, a workforce solutions provider that could support the entire process. Airswift is a global business with a local approach that can help you recruit on a global scale or manage your local vendors and hiring process so your business can focus on what you do best.  Instead of needing to research and contract with different companies each time you accept new work in Canada or elsewhere, you can rely on Airswift as a true partner to your business. Let us handle every step of the process, from securing local talent to managing the relocation of your existing professional or management teams.

Airswift Has an Established Canadian Presence

Many workforce companies in North America focus too much on the United States and and some of them do not have an existing presence in Canada, while others only have limited experience with recruiting and legal compliance in Canada. Instead of trying to work with companies that do not have access to the best talent in Canada, you should choose Airswift.

Airswift has been a leader in workforce solutions for the process, infrastructure, and energy industries for over 30 years. We understand the unique challenges that companies in these competitive fields experience, in part because Airswift’s own employees come from technical backgrounds in these industries. Airswift maintains over 60 offices around the world, with four located across Canada. Our local teams not only have the technical knowledge, but also an understanding of local laws and requirements, as well as relationships with Canadian workers. If you are expanding into Canada, choose Airswift for your job placement and recruiting needs.