Canada Oil Sands Jobs

Are you interested in making more connections for Canadian oil sands jobs? We often hear from people who are either hoping to get into the industry or looking to expand their company, and we see that they need a hub for getting in touch with each other. Airswift is happy to connect people and be a part of fostering the long-term relationships that make energy, process and infrastructure what it is.

We set ourselves apart from others that might work in Canada oil sands jobs by working only in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting. We have had the chance to build amazing working relationships with countless individuals and several of the top brands in the world in our 35+ years of experience. We provide a global service, but we also have the resources to focus on specific Canadian oil sands jobs at any time. Other agencies might spread themselves too thin, but Airswift knows everything about oil sands Canada jobs, and we pass that knowledge onto candidates and company clients.

Canadian tar sands jobs were not part of our initial work when Airswift was founded. We began small with one office in London, and now we have expanded to have more than 50 offices worldwide. We maintain a presence in 57 countries on six continents. Our geographical reach and pool of talent is unmatched. Airswift is a premier international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries.


The Energy, process and infrastructure industry is only as good as the relationships between companies and workers. To ensure quality and productivity, we adhere to the Golden Rule of Recruiting, which promises that candidates will meet 90 percent or more of an employer’s specified criteria, be motivated by more than just the idea of a paycheck, and be eager to work for the offered salary. When all of these things align within Canada oil sands jobs, we see a better relationships for everyone involved.


Call Airswift when you are ready to meet candidates or clients that can make all the difference for your career or business with oil sands Canada jobs. New candidates will work with recruitment specialists to find the first job, and if they accept the job, they will have their own personal account manager to guide them through the assignment. Company clients are guaranteed to meet qualified, driven men and women who are not on the job boards, and are eager to grow personally and professionally.


If you are hiring for Canadian oil sands jobs, please fill the contact form below with your hiring needs. If you are looking for Canadian oil sands jobs, please visit our job board to apply today.