Canada Staffing Agencies

Growing and managing a company in the highly competitive energy, process, and infrastructure industries is not a simple task. Regardless of where your company starts and has its headquarters, you will very likely need to expand your service area and seek new work abroad. Many companies in North America find themselves bidding on contracts and projects in Canada, which has some of the largest natural gas and oil reserves in the world. Successfully bidding on a Canadian project is only the first step. If your company secures a contract, fulfilling the obligations in it can prove challenging.

You will have to decide if you want to relocate existing staff or contractors for the project or if you want to recruit local talent. Many companies find that the best solution is a combination of the two approaches, relocating key professionals, like engineers or managers, while hiring locally for daily operations for a contingent workforce.

However, for businesses that have not developed a reputation as an employer in Canada, it may be necessary to work with staffing agencies in Canada to connect with the right talent and complete the work as scheduled.

Canadian Staffing Agencies Can Help You Locate Top Talent

If your company needs help from staffing companies, Canada can be a difficult place to source professional help. Some workforce companies only serve the United States, while others may not have an established reputation or experience with position in the energy, process, and infrastructure industries that can attract the best and brightest talent. The other issue is that Canada staffing agencies will not service other regions where you work, forcing your company to do business with many different staffing vendors. Managing contracts with different terms and expectations can quickly become a full-time job on its own.

Outsourcing vendor management is one way to prevent complications that result from working with many staffing companies. Alternatively, your company could choose to work with a business that can support all of your projects across Canada. Whatever your workforce needs may be, choose to work with Airswift, a global workforce solutions provider offering these types of staffing solutions and more. From contract and permanent recruitment, on-boarding, and payroll services, to vendor management, talent data analytics, and relocation services, Airswift is the leader in workforce solutions.

Airswift Provides Excellent Canadian Staffing Solutions

When you choose Airswift, you will experience a true partnership as our teams take the time to understand exactly what your business needs and customizes our services to support them. Airswift has 7,000 employees and actively working contractors around the world, supported by our staff in over 60 offices, four of which are located across Canada. We maintain a database of more than half a million potential candidates for open positions, and our local teams in Calgary, Halifax, London, and St. John’s have working relationships with the local workforces within their provinces.

If your company needs to secure the best talent for an upcoming or ongoing project in Canada, Airswift should be your first choice. As your trusted workforce solutions provider, Airswift aims to increased efficiency for your company and reduced stress on your human resources team. Choose Airswift for Canadian staffing and learn how simple connecting with the best workers can be!