Canadian Oilfield Jobs

The Canadian oil fields are a wonderful place to make a living and grow a business. For those hoping to find a career there, or perhaps expand their company with more employees, Airswift is an ideal partner. We have decades of experience in the energy sector with some of the leading names in the Canadian oil industry. Further, we are prepared to assist with any level or variety of employment type.

Airswift didn’t always work with the Canadian oil fields, but over the years, we’ve expanded to work in 57 countries. Through the work of over 50 offices around the planet, and the skill of hundreds of employees, we place our 6,000 contractors in not only Canadian oil jobs, but opportunities all over the globe. Because we do staffing and recruiting for only energy, we have excellent relationships with some of the leading names in the business. If Canadian oil field jobs are something that interests you, Airswift is the place to be.


We want to connect talent with need and rewarding positions with those who seek it. No matter the level of employment you’re involved with, we can put you in touch with the right people. Even if Canadian oil jobs means relocating, or bringing in someone from another country, we provide personalized, efficient service. In all that we do, Airswift is dedicated to doing whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, to be the biggest network in energy staffing and recruiting.

For individuals looking for Canadian oil field jobs, we will provide you with a personal account manager, resume assistance, housing and transportation and even a concierge pack when relocation takes place. We also help out with immigration papers, visas and passports if needed. If the Canadian oil fields yield a job that is only temporary, our staff will get right to work looking for a replacement.

Those offering Canadian oilfield jobs can rest assured that any Airswift candidate we send to you will fulfill 90 percent or more of the criteria outlined in the job description and bring appropriate experience and motivation. Let us take much of the burden of vetting and screening from your shoulders with complete background checks, contract negotiation, salary arbitration, drug screens and anything else you require.

We can find the right man or woman for a rig labor job or a seat in that corner office. Just like the Canadian oil fields, we offer a wealth of top-notch resources.


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