Careers In Human Resources Downstream

Have you always wanted a human resources career that offers not a paycheck but the chance from growth? Likewise, are you in need of those with experience and motivation for your vacant jobs in human resources? If so, Airswift is the place to begin and end your search. Let us put decades of experience to work for you.

For over 35 years, we have been a world leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting. A human resources career here means joining a longstanding tradition of excellence in employment services and relationship building. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Whether we are talking about jobs in human resources or anything else, the key word is harmony. We have worked hard to create an international network that functions globally, yet in a highly personal, harmonious fashion.


When we were just getting our start, careers in human resources were important, but we were only dealing with those in our home region of the United Kingdom. We had just one office and a handful of employees. Yet, we put a lot of work into growing, and are now maintaining more than 50 global offices and employ hundreds of people. Along with the thousands of contractors with whom we partner, they pair exceptional talent from our global pool with our top name brand company clients.


We specialize in relocation at Airswift. If careers in human resources mean that you will be transferring to a new state or even a new country, we will make that transition as smooth as possible for you. We manage the travel and housing logistics, and provide a concierge pack that helps you get to know your new home; you will be feeling acclimated in no time at all. If only all jobs in human resources could offer so much!


Stop going through piles of resumes only to come up fruitless when you have, say, human resources assistant jobs. We streamline the vetting and hiring process to see that you are interviewing only those men and women who match with 90 percent or more of your specified criteria. Further, these people will be driven by more than the money for a human resources career – they will want to grow professionally with you.


Find out more about human resources careers with Airswift today. Take a look at the information on our worldwide offices to find the best location for your needs. You can see the list of jobs on our website, and candidates may also create accounts and upload resumes there. Those wanting to be among our clients can fill in the contact form below for companies to begin submitting staffing requests.