Careers in Project Management

It takes a lot to build a career as project manager. Many times, an individual will work for years or even decades in a highly skilled field before getting established in a project manager career. Careers in project management can be lucrative and rewarding with the right work. If you and your company is hoping to attract and hire skilled, experienced and educated professionals to grow their project management careers within your company, you may need outside help. Airswift, a global workforce solutions provider, can make your staffing search much simpler and more streamlined.

At Airswift, we pride ourselves on connecting our clients with the best available talent for their open positions. We are a truly global workforce solutions provider, meaning that we offer more than just staffing and recruitment. We provide tailored solutions to your business’ goals and needs. No matter where or how quickly your company needs a project manager, we can help you locate the talent you need within your timeframe. The role of a project manager is critical to the success of your project, the completion of your contract, and the future growth of your company. Selecting a lackluster or sub-par candidate could cause many issues for your company. At Airswift, we know that quality matters, and we can find the talent you need.

Airswift Has Global Connections to Draw the Best Talent

For the past 30 years, Airswift has amassed a huge database of more than 500,000 qualified candidates, including those with project manager careers. We currently have more than 700 employees who manage more than 6,000 contractors working in over 50 countries around the world. No matter how remote the location of your contract or how long the project will last, we can connect you with potential recruits to help.

Many staffing companies are restricted in size or to a certain region or country. Airswift has the capability to help you, even with complex international projects. If you need a project manager for a complex project in an offshore location, finding local talent or someone who can relocate can be difficult. Airswift provides world class service with a local presence to help you find a project manager to fulfill your business needs. If the person or people recruited need to be relocated, we offer full global mobility solutions to make the relocation process seamless for both you and the moving parties. From logistics and work visas, to contractor acclimation to the new location and even international tax documentation, our global mobility solutions cover every aspect of a professional relocation.

Choose Airswift to Fill Your Project Management Positions

Trying to fill a highly demanding position with an experienced and educated professional can be difficult. If the location is offshore, your human resources and management teams may not have the reach or the contacts to find the right staffing. Airswift can use its global reach to help your company recruit and relocate project managers and similar professionals.

Whether you have one position or several dozen, we can help you locate and recruit the best available talent for your open position. Choose Airswift for your project management staffing solutions provider.