Chemical Engineering Careers

For people with a passion for chemical engineering, finishing school is merely the first step in a long process of establishing their chemical engineering career. After all, it’s not as though there are hundreds of widely advertised careers for chemical engineers. It can be hard to find chemical engineering careers because the market can be very competitive for highly skilled employees. From crafting the perfect resume to getting into contact with prospective employers, trying to establish  careers in chemical engineering can be a tedious, time-consuming process.

The Frustrations of Building a Chemical Engineering Career

There are few things more tedious than the daily search over dozens of employment and placement websites. Reading over countless job descriptions and hoping to find a position that fits your skills is stressful enough, but then applicants are also expected to rework their resume for each employer they apply to and submit a unique cover letter for each opening as well. For those with a career focus in chemical engineering, that could be many wasted hours, focused on words and writing instead of what they do best.

Once a position is located and obtained, the stress only increases. Many chemical engineering positions are contract or project based, meaning that at the completion of the project or a specific date, the work will conclude, meaning that the chemical engineer and other members of the team are back on the job market, looking for their next project, job, or contract. This cycle can be exhausting, especially if someone is trying to do it by themselves, without any outside help or support. This can lead to burnout, or worse, accepting a nearby position that is a poor fit for skills, experience, and education out of desperation for stability and a desire to end the ongoing job search.

Why Choose Airswift to Start Your Chemical Engineering Career?

The answer is simple: Airswift is a global leader in workforce solutions with over 30 years of experience in helping job seekers find the perfect job.  Instead of looking through job listings and spending hours researching jobs online, let Airswift’s specialized recruitment consultants assist with your search of chemical engineering career opportunities. Airswift has its own job board that contains a variety of jobs that can fall under the different chemical engineering career paths. In addition to finding a job that fit your educational focus and experience, Airswift can help with any relocation that becomes necessary when you accept a position. We can even help you update your resume to make it more competitive and highlight your best features as a chemical engineer. From short-term contract work to long-term international job placement, Airswift has the experience and resources to help at every step along the way.

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