Chemical Engineering Jobs In Oil And Gas


Chemical engineers are a vital resource to the Oil & Gas aspect of the energy, process and infrastructure industries, as they make sure that finished petroleum and oil materials go directly into the gas tanks and help heat the homes of the consumer. Additives and complex chemicals are needed to get crude oil into a usable form so it can power the complex machinery, electronics, and automobiles we rely on every day. Airswift are global leaders in staffing chemical engineering jobs with the correct employees who help major oil corporations sell a product that fits the needs of the masses.


Instead of searching for a chemical engineer job on your own, Airswift helps you find the correct employer that meets your professional needs. We match job candidates with the proper corporations. This personalized approach to staffing ensures employers get productive employees with the optimal amount of job satisfaction.


We are looking for people with advanced engineering and science degrees to fill our demanding chemical engineering jobs. You have worked hard in school, gained experience in the field, and the companies we work with want to reward you with a lucrative engineering career. If you are committed to your trade, we have several open chemical engineering jobs with employers that want the best and brightest in the industry.


Airswift works with oil companies around the globe to staff any sort of chemical engineering job. The largest oil producing regions we work with are in Alberta, Offshore Europe, Texas, California, North Dakota and Alaska. Wherever a new opportunity arises, Airswift is there to help find the most qualified people to fill chemical engineering jobs. Whether you want to work close from home or explore what the world has to offer, there is always tremendous market for chemical engineers.


If you are ready to fill one of our many chemical engineering jobs, we would love to hear from you immediately. We have been in the energy, process and infrastructure industries staffing business for over 35 years and experienced tremendous growth because of our professional dedication and personal attention to every chemical engineering job we fill. If you want to get started, fill the contact form below and a service representative will handle your needs as soon as possible. If you have detailed questions about our open chemical engineer jobs, call us and a recruiter will answer any of your inquiries. We look forward to meeting the needs of your chemical engineering job search.

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