Chemical Engineering Jobs

A chemical engineering job is often contract based and may even require temporary relocation to an international location. While this ensures that the best chemical engineers are able to obtain experience in a variety of fields and locations, it can also lead to frustration.

How to Find Jobs in Chemical Engineering

For many, the search for jobs in chemical engineering requires constant monitoring of available positions. This requires searching through industry publications, local websites, and national/international job placement sites for applicable chemical engineer jobs. There is also the updating of the individual’s resume to ensure it highlights the most pertinent education and experience, followed by the creation of unique cover letters for each position applied. There can be several hours, if not more, of work and research required for each position, which adds up over time.

One of the best ways to sidestep this hassle is to work with a workforce solutions company that has listings for jobs for chemical engineering majors. These companies generally have contracts and positions with a variety of businesses. Airswift has contracts and positions available with companies who have chemical engineering job opportunities around the world. This allows us to connect the best and brightest chemical engineers with the best employers. Instead of spending your time and energy searching the Internet and attending networking events to find your next chemical engineering position, choose Airswift and work with an experienced company that ensures your time can be spent on your work and continuing education.

Airswift Is a Global Leader in Chemical Engineering Job Placement

Airswift is an internationally renowned company that has been providing comprehensive workforce solutions for over 30 years. Our focus is within the energy, process and infrastructure industries, and we work with a wide variety of professionals and companies. With hundreds of employees and thousands of contractors, Airswift has become a global leader in workforce solutions, ensuring that our contractors have access to the best chemical engineering jobs around the world.

Not only can Airswift help you with the initial placement and obtaining new positions when your contract is finished, we can also assist you with the relocation process, which is often very complex and stressful. From international placements with outside companies to domestic relocations to new cities, Airswift has experience in sourcing educated workers for various jobs for chemical engineers on a global scale. Choose Airswift and work with the best!