Chemical Industry Jobs

It can be intimidating to look for industrial chemistry jobs no matter how well established you are in your chemical career. From locating companies in your area that offer jobs in chemical industry to figuring out how best to adjust your resume and cover letter to stand out from the crowd, the hunt for chemical industry jobs can be stressful and time consuming.

However, it doesn’t have to be taxing when you’re looking for chemical company jobs. By adjusting how you’re pursuing work and by partnering with a workforce solutions provider like Airswift, you can increase your chances of finding the kind of position you’re seeking.

Looking for Chemical Company Jobs Can Be Time Consuming

Even with an established career in chemistry and a well-developed work history and resume, finding chemist jobs in chemical industry can be a drawn out process. Between needing to look at individual job boards, local postings, social media sites like LinkedIn, and individual company employment websites, finding open positions can be a full-time job in itself.

There’s also the process of creating a unique and engaging cover letter and ensuring that your resume fits the position you’re applying for. Don’t waste your time on the job hunt. It is a better use of your time to choose a company like Airswift that connects chemists with employers so you can continue focusing on your current contract.

Finding Work Is Often an Ongoing Project

For many in the industrial sector, work is based on projects. This means that your employment is likely to be contract based, with either a specific timeframe for completion of the contract or the end of the position when the project is finished, which means you may find yourself looking for a new position in a few months to a few years.

Working with a workforce solutions provider ensures that you will have many potential prospects available to you when you finish your existing contract. These companies handle a lot of the work involved in locating and applying to new positions, which allows you to focus on your current position instead of worrying about your next job.

Why Working with a Workforce Solutions Company Makes Sense

Not all companies immediately advertise chemical industry jobs vacancies. In fact, some large companies that regularly have chemical industry jobs open do not publicly list their positions at all. They may ask their existing employees for referrals and leads, or they may simply choose to outsource the applicant search and hiring process to a workforce solutions company.

More companies are turning to outside firms to handle locating and vetting new hires, which behooves those seeking chemical industry jobs to work with these same firms. Failing to do so can mean missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Choose Airswift for Your Chemical Industry Placement

Airswift is a global leader in workforce solutions in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We partner with the best companies in these industries and have over 50 offices around the world. We are well-established and internationally trusted. Our team of recruitment experts will help you tailor your resume, prepare for interview and find the perfect job for you. Partnering with Airswift can help you minimize the work involved in locating your next chemical industry job. Visit our job board to apply online.