Chemical Process Engineer Jobs

What Are Chemical Process Engineer Jobs?

Chemical process engineer jobs are positions that focus on the use of a chemical engineer to create or perform the processes (both chemical and machine-related) to change raw materials into a wide range of valuable products. Many of these positions require years of experience in addition to a college or post-graduate education, and most are contract or project based, meaning they only last for a specific period of time as opposed to full time and permanent positions.

 Chemical and process engineering jobs can be hard to find on typical online job boards because it is a highly specialized field. The few positions and contracts that are posted are often highly-sought, leading to a massive pool of applicants. The alternative method of locating process chemical engineer jobs is hunting for them on a company by company basis, which can be time-consuming, stressful, and downright exhausting.

Why Using Placement Services for Chemical Process Engineering Makes Sense

As mentioned above, many positions in the field of chemical process engineering are contract or project based, which means even the most skilled professionals in this field will regularly have to search for new work and negotiate a new contract at the end of their assignment. In addition to searching for their next assignment, applicants will also have to write unique cover letters and update their resume for each applied position, which can be laborious and time-consuming.

Airswift is a global leader in workforce solutions and provides job seekers with support to take a lot of that unnecessary busywork out of the equation. We can handle every step of the processing, including working with resumes to help contractors best display their skills, education, and experience, helping with the search process for your first assignment and any positions after that, and providing full relocation services when a job contract requiring travel is secured.

Choose Airswift for Your Chemical Process Engineering Job Placement

It just makes sense to work with Airswift to find process chemistry jobs. Airswift has over 30 years of experience in the industry with hundreds of employees working in more than 50 offices around the world. Airswift has a global network of clients in the energy, process and infrastructure industries that provide opportunities including chemical process jobs to our 6,000 plus contractors.

When you choose Airswift, you work with a global leader in workforce solutions that can find you positions and contracts that fit your needs and are a great match for your education and experience. Choose Airswift and start building you career with us today!