Chemical Process Engineer

If you seeking a job as a chemical process engineer, or if you are hiring for chemical and process engineering positions at your company, Airswift can help you. We are the leading staffing and recruiting company for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors.

Many staffing agencies cover a broader scope of jobs, and they may not be able to support chemical engineering process control jobs. Airswift works exclusively in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, and has more than 35 years of focused experience in many sectors of the industry, including upstream, midstream, downstream, and chemical. We support jobs both temporary and permanent positions at any level for companies of all sizes within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. If you are seeking a job as a chemical process engineer, Airswift is your solution.

Airswift has hundreds of employees working in more than 50 offices around the world. We support projects and jobs, including chemical engineering processes, in 57 countries across six continents. Our unrivaled talent pool works with over 6,000 contractors. Airswift offers local knowledge and support on a global scale.


When you apply for a chemical and process engineering job on our website, you will work with a recruitment consultant who will guide you through the interview process and update your resume. If your new job is a temporary assignment, you will have a personal account manager to guide you through your new position and your career. Our goal is to facilitate the connections that lead to relationships between contractors and rewarding companies.
When you are off the clock from your process chemical engineer job, you can get to know your coworkers thanks to the supportive environment Airswift nurtures.


At Airswift, we follow our Golden Rule of Recruitment which says, all candidates we send you must fulfill at least two of the following three criteria: Meet a minimum of 90% of the skills you outline, work within your specified salary range, and be motivated by at least one non-monetary factor. We understand what chemical engineering process control demands, and we will be certain to present the highest quality of candidates for your business.


If you are looking for a job as a chemical process engineer, Visit our website and apply for a job. If you need to hire staff, please fill the contact form below and let us know how we can help.