Chevron Oil Careers

Just like Airswift, Chevron is a global company with a solid base. If you’ve been thinking that a Chevron job is the thing for you, or want to offer a Chevron career to the perfect candidate, Airswift is the ideal partner.

For over 35 years since our founding in the United Kingdom, we’ve set our sights on things like Chevron offshore jobs. Over the decades, we’ve expanded to maintain over 50 international offices, professionals working in 57 countries and a database containing more contractors than any you’ll find industry-wide. Although Chevron jobs are only one component of what we do at Airswift, they are vital to our vast network.

Going beyond the Chevron offshore jobs themselves, Airswift is passionate about creating an environment of professional excellence and personal growth. We like to address more than just the time clocks and paychecks of industry employees.


Whether a Chevron job is your goal or a vacancy you need to fill, you are a part of the Airswift legacy of excellence. Personalized service is one of the main ways we show energy, process and infrastructure businesses that we have their profits and progression at heart, as well as providing candidates who are truly passionate about what they do. If you have to cross the globe for a new Chevron job, we’ll be there to greet you. If Chevron offshore jobs mean you need a plethora of legal documents, leave the red tape to us. We strongly believe that companies and contractors who feel valued will make better employers and workers, resulting in the kinds of careers Chevron wants to be known for.


If you need to fill a Chevron job, but don’t want to expend the time and energy on the details, leave it to us. Drug screens, background checks, payroll services, benefits packages, salary arbitration and so much more are standard services from Airswift. If you’re hoping to begin your Chevron career, trust us to act as a mediator between you and the company, making certain that you get the position you want, and for the pay that you need. If the position is only temporary, we’ll get started right away, finding one to take its place. Chevron jobs may be where you start, but there’s a world of opportunity when you partner with Airswift.


As a roustabout or vice president, you are essential to Airswift and its company clients. If a chevron career is what you’re after, or something you can offer, reach Airswift by filling in the contact form below, or use our office locator. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff look forward to discussing Chevron offshore jobs with you!