Chicago Staffing Agencies

Growing your energy, infrastructure or process company in Chicago can be complicated. Thanks to the proximity of the Great Lakes, you have many options for shipping, including boats, planes, commercial vehicles and even trains. Sadly, there can be a lot of competition hiring for the best talent. That’s why many companies turn to Chicago staffing agencies to fill new vacancies. Whether you’re looking to fill one creative position or an entire workforce of manufacturing positions, finding the best staffing agencies Chicago is critical.

While staffing agencies in Chicago may provide you with local talent, they many not be able to identify qualified professionals that fit your company’s job requirements. Some creative staffing agencies Chicago has to offer may not even have the resources to relocate staff, whether this is locally, nationally or internationally. Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Airswift has six offices in the United States and over 50 offices worldwide that serve our clients when and where they need us. At Airswift, we pride ourselves on our truly global reach and amazing database of more than 500,000 candidates. These potential applicants have a variety of skills, from design and engineering to management and executive experience. You may not even know that the right candidate for your Chicago business could be miles away. When you choose Airswift for your workforce solutions, you can benefit from our expansive reach and industry-specific experience while we identify talent that matches your business. A local Chicago staffing agency may not be able to provide the same services as Airswift.

Airswift Can Offer Your Company More

As a global workforce solutions provider, Airswift offers more than just staffing and recruitment services to our clients. We are dedicated to developing client partnerships in order to understand your company’s desires in order to make the hiring and on-boarding process simpler for all involved. Our internal team is comprised of more than 700 employees and more than 6,000 actively working contractors around the world. If you are having trouble finding local staffing in Chicago, we can help with the process of recruiting and relocating talent from other areas and other countries.

Airswift creates custom, scalable workforce solutions for your company. Airswift can simply offer your business so much more than generic, limited staffing agencies that abound in the Chicago area. Our global mobility solutions allow us to relocate contingent staff locally, regionally and internationally, as well as provide full mobilization services for an entire workforce moving into a new or existing location. Our service teams are knowledgeable in local laws and requirements for mobilization. Airswift understands how stressful relocation can be for both the client and their workforce, and we ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

When You Choose Airswift, We Handle Your Staffing Needs

Expanding your business and connecting with the talent you need doesn’t have to overwhelm your internal management and human resources teams. Airswift can efficiently and effectively resolve your staffing needs or issues. We have become a globally trusted workforce solutions provider over the last three decades, and we want to continue that trusting partnership with you.

From executive and creative talent to highly educated engineers, we can find the talent and staffing you need in Chicago. Choose Airswift.