Commissioning Engineer Jobs


The energy, infrastructure and process industries are so much more than the people who run the companies and those operating the rigs themselves. Countless professionals are involved in finding the materials, obtaining them safely and bringing them to market. Among these are the commissioning engineer.

Airswift takes pride in being a global leader, recruiting specialist and resource for commissioning engineer jobs. For more than 35 years, we’ve been an expert in the field, and in the decades since, we’ve expanded to support careers and companies all over the world. If a commissioning engineer job is your goal, or you’d like help filling one with an amazing candidate, trust us to be your partner in that search.


A number of things go into becoming a resource for a commissioning engineer and the company that wants to employ him or her. A solid reputation, coupled with a commitment to ethics like integrity, honesty and empowerment, among others, helped us grow to expand our services. Through it all, we’ve remained passionate about connecting the best talent with the most rewarding energy companies.

Now, we maintain over 50 offices, an unmatched database of contractors, projects ongoing in 57 countries, hundreds of regular employees and thousands of contractors. All of our commissioning engineer jobs enjoy the benefits of this huge network of support.


As soon as you contact Airswift to become a contractor and hopeful commissioning engineer, you’ll be assigned a personal account manager who stays in touch every two weeks or more to touch base. We’ll spend some time ensuring your resume is up to the challenge of attracting the right eyes, and talk with you about possible relocation opportunities.

If you’re an employer, getting started is easy. Any commissioning engineer candidate we send to you will fulfill 90 percent or more of your required criteria, and be motivated by passion as well as a paycheck. Since these professionals do not use job boards, you’ll be getting the first pick of an impressive pool of talent. We’ll take care of things like drug screen, salary arbitration and other human resource tasks, leaving you time to concentrate on the business.


We live and breathe to be the biggest network in energy. When you’re ready to use our services to advance your career or grow your business, please take a minute to complete the online contact form below, or get in touch with a specific office with our office locator. It will be our pleasure to discuss a commissioning engineer job with you!