Commissioning Jobs

Airswift, a United Kingdom based company now headquartered in Houston, Texas, maintains over 50 global offices on six continents. We specialize in staffing and recruiting for the energy, process and infrastructure industries by connecting talent and need all over the planet. Among many other things, we work with the commissioning jobs that so many of our contractors love.

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Airswift serves as a strategic partner to our clients, offering a turnkey workforce solutions tailored to clients’ needs. Whether you are seeking or offering commissioning work, this is your source for the best in the business. We concentrate on building long term relationships, driving successful outcomes and improving the industry overall.


When you are looking for commissioning jobs, you might feel overwhelmed, especially if you are open to relocation. Where does one even begin? With Airswift, you can relax. As soon as you sign on with us, you’ll connect with a personal account manager who speaks with you on a regular basis to talk about the job search as well as various opportunities. Our organization comprises people who know about things like pipeline commissioning as well as the countless other facets of the business. This means that you have a knowledgeable guide looking out for you at all times. Once you get a job, we continue to work with you to seek out replacements for temporary positions and providing payroll and benefits services.

In the meantime, have some fun! You’ll love the commissioning work and the social aspects.


Hiring takes time, and hiring the right person takes even more time. Let Airswift streamline the process with a complete vetting process that sees to background checks, drug screens, salary arbitration, contract negotiation, payroll and much more. We have a reputation for being thorough and have the capacity to work with companies of any size. We’ll find a pipeline commissioning candidate that meets 90 percent or more of your outlined skill set and is motivated by passion for the work beyond a paycheck. Since these professional and experienced men and women are not on the job boards, you can rest assured that they’re fully committed to Airswift and the companies for whom we work.


It’s easy to get the ball rolling with Airswift. Simply fill the contact form below, or find a specific office using our office locator. Wherever you are in the process, or level of commissioning job you might need filled, we have the resources to make it happen. Let us put decades of experience to work for you, and do our part to make the energy, process and infrastructure industries the best they can be!