Construction Superintendent Jobs

There is often demand for construction project superintendents when there are large construction projects underway. These highly experienced and trained professionals manage the daily operations of the construction process on a construction site, overseeing the work of individual construction workers, and creating and managing the short-term schedule for individual components of construction, and ensuring quality control. These positions may also involve hiring, managing, and coordinating subcontractors to work on a project.

Construction Superintendents Work on a Project Basis

Supervisor construction jobs and commercial construction superintendent jobs are often on a project or contract basis in which the duration can average between a few weeks to several years. Once the project or contract ends, these workers must begin the search for their next position, which can be a frustrating process.

Why Finding a Construction Superintendent Position Is Frustrating

Companies do not always publicly broadcast their open positions or upcoming projects. This can make the search for construction superintendent jobs a difficult process. Finding the right position can take days or weeks. Not only do those seeking construction supervisor jobs need to check major job boards and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, they also need to check individual employer’s websites with the hope of finding the right position. Combine that with time spent updating resumes and cover letters for each position, and the job hunt itself can begin to feel like a full-time job that they are not being paid to perform.

How a Workforce Solutions Provider Can Help

A workforce solutions provider can streamline the process of finding superintendent construction jobs. Airswift, a global workforce solutions provider, can help connect you with companies looking for construction superintendents who match your educational background and work experience. In addition to matching you with the ideal position, Airswift provides additional support on your career path, including resume building, interview preparation, and a retention program. When you choose Airswift, you choose a company that will work with you to secure your next work opportunity.

Choose Airswift to Assist with Your Construction Superintendent Job Search

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