Consulting Services

Is your company considering expanding into new markets, including in countries outside of your base operations? This kind of expansion is common for businesses in the increasingly competitive process, infrastructure, and energy industries. If there are only a fixed number of projects or contracts for your company to secure close to your headquarters, looking for new work in different locations can help your company continue to grow and thrive. However, accepting projects in distant locations can create its own set of complications and concerns.

Will you hire staff locally for the offshore project, or do you plan to temporarily relocate your own staff or contractors to complete the work? Do you know the legal requirements for working in the new country, such as international tax laws and immigration paperwork? There are many details you must address to successfully complete an international project, which can leave your existing staff overwhelmed. During this kind of expansion, many businesses choose to partner with consulting companies that have experience with relocations, staffing, and more.

Outsourced Consulting Can Help Your Business Thrive

Working with a company that can provide your business with consulting management ensures the details of expansion are managed without overwhelming your staff. After all, the reason for working with consultants is often to expand the knowledge base of your company without actually growing your staff, and if your staff does not need to focus on the details, your daily operations to continue unaffected.

However, some companies only offer a limited range of knowledge or geographic coverage, which could leave you working with multiple companies for different services or each new project. Working with several outside consultants can prove just as overwhelming as handling all of those details in-house. Each company will have its own requirements and contracts. Remembering and monitoring all of these details can leave little time for other important tasks.

Rather than choose several companies to support your business, choose one that can provide full workforce solutions. Choose Airswift.

Airswift Can Offer Comprehensive Consulting and Management Services

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process, and infrastructure industries. When you choose Airswift, you receive reliable international consulting that addresses every compliance and logistics issue you may face. Every business has its own unique culture and needs, and Airswift has been helping companies conquer challenges and plan for success for more than 30 years. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and offer tailored solutions to their business. Our teams come from technical backgrounds, understanding the demands of the energy, infrastructure, and process fields.

Whether your business needs management consulting, vendor management, or office relocation, Airswift has the experience and global reach you can rely on to create workable solutions. We work with your schedule and budget. From securing local talent for a project to helping move contractors to a new work site, Airswift can manage all the details involed. Choose us for your consulting needs and avoid unnecessary growing pains!