Corporate Relocation Companies

When a business grows and expands to new markets, there are a wide assortment of challenges that can arise. From locating office or industrial space in a new city to obtaining critical permits for workers, there are myriad details that can slow down or even halt the relocation and expansion process. Whether your company has just opened a new office in a foreign country or is scheduled to start work in a domestic city far away, when the time comes to move personnel and contractors to a new site, the simplest way is to hire a corporate relocation company.

What Is a Corporate Relocation Company?

A corporate relocation company is a business whose primary focus is assisting other companies with the relocation of physical possessions, assets and employees or contractors to a new location. Whether this location is a new permanent office in a different city or a temporary site occupied only until contractual obligations are fulfilled, there is a lot to be done to ensure that your company can fulfill its obligations and continue to grow. Work permits and visas may need to be obtained for staff or contractors who will be working on site. This is a very detail-oriented process, and it is best handled by an experienced professional.

In addition to legal documentation and permits for work, employees or contractors will also need temporary housing when they arrive at the new job location. Even the most seasoned traveling professional engineer can still require assistance to fully adjust to working and living in a new community, particularly if it is in another country. Corporate relocation companies handle all of this and more, from passports and plane tickets to airport pick-ups and other means of short-term transportation for staff and contractors once they arrive. There are multiple details and paperwork that must be executed flawlessly that it makes sense to hire experienced relocation professionals instead of attempting to perform all these tasks in-house.

Why Choose Airswift for Your Corporate Relocation Needs?

 Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider with full end-to-end global mobility solutions. Our experienced mobility consultants are spread across more than 50 Airswift offices around the world where they provide corporate relocation and staff mobility to our clients and assignees.

Airswift can execute the entire relocation process for your corporate office or your team of on-site professionals for a contract anywhere in the world. We can even help provide talent acquisition, consultancy and more as a full-service workforce solutions company. Don’t slow your company’s growth and limit its potential by not outsource such detail-oriented and critical functions. Choose Airswift when the time comes for your company to expand into a new city or country and discover how streamlined and straightforward the corporate relocation process can be!