Corporate Relocation Latin America

In recent years, many countries in Latin America, including Central and South American nations, have made major investments in infrastructure. Countries have begun to successfully utilize natural resources key to the energy field, including oil, solar power, and even hydroelectric systems. Some nations in Latin America have begun working with international businesses to grow their energy, process, and infrastructure industries, while others prefer businesses located within the country. In both cases, there is plenty of opportunity in the form of new projects and resource extraction for growing businesses.

If your company has recently accepted a project that requires relocation of your management team or key workers, such as engineers, the process can seem confusing and overwhelming. Attempting to move your entire business to a new headquarters in a Latin American country can prove this even more. Whether you are intending to permanently relocate your entire business or relocate key professionals for the duration of a project, you need to know you are in compliance with local laws and make the best of your situation.

Relocation for Businesses Doesn’t Have to Overwhelm

If your business is considering a corporate relocation, Latin America is a popular destination for many companies in the infrastructure, process, and energy fields. After all, there is an ideal combination of plentiful natural resources, affordable real estate, and growing investment into these fields in many Latin American countries. However, if your organization is considering a move to Latin America, compliance with laws in both your current country and your future Latin American country is critical to the success of your move.

In order to make the most of incentives, including tax breaks and lucrative contracts, you need to understand what is available to your company. You also need to ensure that you comply with every requirement. Failing to submit a certain form or hiring inadequate staff and contractors for your new Latin American location could result in missing out on key benefits. Managing a relocation internally can quickly become overwhelming for your staff. Compliance with tax laws, obtaining travel visas and work permits, and scouting locations in a new country can create stress and become expensive quickly.

Outsourcing Your Relocation Can Streamline the Process

Working with a company that specializes in corporate and global mobility can change an international move from a daunting prospect to a reality for your business. Instead of needing to research laws and trying to establish a local presence in an unfamiliar locale, you can partner with a company that already has a presence in the region and experience in compliance and relocations to the area. Your existing staff can focus on the internal needs of the move, while your relocation company can handle the details and logistics of setting up a new headquarters and arranging for staff travel and acclimation.

Airswift is the leader in providing these global mobility services to companies around the world. From our regional headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Airswift has the experience to support a relocation to Latin American countries. Airswift has helped many companies manage the process of relocating to Latin America. An international relocation does not have to result in staff stress and potentially expensive compliance issues as you learn the requirements in a new country. Airswift can make relocation to Latin America a smoother, faster and less risky proposition, no matter how large or remote the location.