Corporate Relocation Middle East

The Middle East is home to a substantial amount of oil fields. The wealth of natural resources makes the Middle East a common location for businesses involved in the energy, process, and infrastructure industries. However, the process of handling a corporate relocation for Middle East facilities can be quite complicated. You will need to be aware of the laws and environmental rules in the country you’re considering. Tax regulations and logistics of getting staff and supplies to and from a facility or work site are also important considerations. Despite of all the work involved, a corporate relocation to the Middle East may be the best option for your business.

Regardless of why you’re considering corporate relocation, Middle East countries have plenty of benefits to offer. There are many educated contractors in the region who have a extensive work history . You can also find labor or contingent workforces as needed. There will be challenges involved with any corporate relocation. It is a complex process from both a logistics and legal standpoint. Proper attention to detail, experienced help, and extreme diligence regarding compliance are critical to relocating successfully.

Moving a Business or Its Staff Is a Complicated Task

There are so many moving parts and variables to investigate, understand, and follow during a corporate relocation that the process can quickly overwhelm even the most organized individual. Whether you are actually moving equipment and people, or liquidating local assets to replace after the move, there are many immediate practical concerns to handle. There are also issues such as local security, navigating a new city, locating facilities in the Middle East, and much more. Unless someone in your company has prior experience with relocating a company or its staff to the Middle East, you may need outside help.

Even small mistakes when it comes to compliance could hurt your company. In some cases, a mistake could leave you unable to operate in your new country. Trying to handle it all internally is a gamble. It makes a lot of sense to work with an outside company that has experience with the complex corporate relocation process and have local ties in the Middle East, which can make the transition simpler and compliance efforts more effective due to first-hand knowledge. Choose a company that has it all. Choose Airswift.

Airswift Has Experience and Networks in the Middle East

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider that has been managing critical operations for energy, infrastructure, and process businesses for more than 30 years. Corporate and staff relocations are just some of many services that could benefit your business during this move. Airswift’s Global Mobility services can help you establish an entity in a new location, manage the entire relocation of your workforce, or help mobilize contractors to a remote project location. Through all of this, we ensure your workers are safely and legally entering each new country and experience no stress. We can provide support to your business and contractors before, during, and after the move, while keeping your company compliant with local laws and requirements. Additionally, we can help provide a number of workforce solutions, including recruitment, payroll, contractor management, talent analytics, and more.

While some relocation companies only operate in a limited region, Airswift has a global presence that spans over 100 countries with over 50 offices spread across the world, including a great presence across the Middle East. We can make your planned Middle East corporate relocation a streamlined, efficient, and expedient process. Our dedicated teams are on site and available to your newly relocated workforce. Whatever your needs for a corporate relocation, choose Airswift for a truly streamlined experience.