Cost Engineer Jobs

The cost engineer career path requires both an understanding of the manufacturing or production processes analyzed and how these processes affect a company’s expenses and income.

There is strong international demand for experienced cost engineers because they can help companies save money and improve efficiency.

What Does a Cost Engineer Do?

The position of a cost engineer involves carefully considering and analyzing the estimated or current project cost. A cost engineer may create or adjust the budget for a project and may be involved in both the planning and management of the projects as well.

In some areas and industries, cost engineers are not actually engineers, in which case the title may refer instead to project controls. One of the most critical parts of this job is developing an accurate cost estimate and timeframe for the completion of the project to ensure everyone adheres to the schedules and budgets. For that reason, some also refer to the field as cost or time management.

The Frustrations of Finding Cost Engineering Jobs

Many skilled cost engineers work on a project or contract basis instead of full-time, permanent employment with a single business. This means that every few months or years, they have to begin looking for new cost engineer jobs. This can be a frustrating and time-consuming process as there are a variety of positions for a cost engineer and many places to look to find these positions.

Between searching on job boards, employer websites and social media sites, and adjusting resumes and cover letters for each individual position, cost engineers can often spend a lot of time searching for work.

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