DCP Midstream Partners LP

Welcome to Airswift. For more than 35 years, we have been a leading staffing and recruiting company for the energy industry. It would be our pleasure to bring you into our network and support your career or business. Among those with whom we are proud to work is DCP Midstream Partners.

DCP Midstream LLC and DCP Midstream LP are partners working to broaden midstream assets in natural gas and natural gas liquids. They also have a commitment to sustainability. Like all of our esteemed clients, DCP Midstream Partners provide a wonderful place to build a career, and they enjoy working with the candidates from Airswift.

Before Working with DCP Midstream LLC…

In our earliest days, we were not nearly the global leader we are today. At first, companies like DCP Midstream Houston were not yet on our radar. Over the decades, we focused on expanding into continental Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. We are proud to be active in 57 countries. Our huge database holds the names of thousands of candidates, and DCP Midstream Partners are among the clients we serve all over the world.

How do we do all of this? We have 800 employees and thousands of consultants who support our clients and our candidates. We maintain more than 50 worldwide. We know that we are doing something right when former contractors return to us, seeking workers to hire for their own companies.

Fill Vacancies at DCP Midstream LP

Are you tired of weeding through resumes that simply do not meet your standards? Let Airswift help you find the best resumes by following our Golden Rule of Recruitment which says, Airswift will only send you candidates who possess at least two of the following criteria: Candidates will meet a minimum 90 percent of the skills you outline, work within your specified salary range, and be motivated by at least one non-monetary factor. We also provide extensive background checks and drug testing, and we offer services for vetting, hiring, benefits, and payroll. Even if you have the best human resources department in the world, sometimes you can use a little extra support, and we offer that to DCP Midstream Wiki.

Find Your Dream Job

Whether you want to work for DCP Midstream LLC or anywhere else, Airswift is the place to begin and end your search. From your recruitment consultant to a personal account manager to your new boss, we stick with you for the long haul. Build a career, meet great people, and fulfill your dreams with Airswift!

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