DCS Engineer Jobs

Welcome to Airswift. It’s our mission to make the energy, process and infrastructure industries the best they can be by putting decades of industry knowledge to work for our company clients and individual contractors. Find out how we can help those interested in DCS engineer jobs.

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries.

Over the years, we’ve really gotten to know what our clients need and how to make that happen. The result is that we’ve built lots of great relationships with the top names in the industry, and we’ve seen former contractors come back to Airswift to hire their own contractors. Our philosophy centers on guiding candidates into rewarding careers, and we think this sets us apart from other agencies a DCS engineer might check out.

We started as a small London group with one office location over 35 years ago. A handful of employees grew to be hundreds and are now working in over 50 offices all over the globe. By partnering with thousands of consultants, we connect our industry-leading wealth of candidates with the bosses they want. Ultimately, we have work happening in 57 countries, and we plan to keep growing.


Airswift is ready to help you find the best career path for your interests and goals. From individual support to relocation services, we let you know that you’re valued and part of the larger Airwift tradition.

As soon as you sign up to be a contractor, you’ll be matched with a personal account manager who keeps in touch about your job search. Your resume will be prepped to withstand the scrutiny of industry managers and temporary jobs will be followed with replacement ones. You’ll discover a lot to love about DCS engineer jobs.

When it comes to relocation, we enact a smooth process for you. Leave travel and housing arrangements to us, and we’ll even include a concierge pack to introduce your new home. Legalities like passport, visas and immigration papers can all be rushed, and we’ll ensure you have friends to greet you when you arrive.


Let Airswift do the legwork – drug screens, background checks, salary arbitration, contract negotiation and more. We’ll see to payroll services and benefits packages, simplifying the process of temporary hires and varying levels of employment.

You’ll love it when everyone you meet for an interview fulfills 90 percent or more of your specified criteria and is motivated by professional growth as well as a paycheck. This is a far more tailored experience than most employment agencies can offer.


Tap into our knowledge of DCS engineering and discover the difference we can make for your career or brand. Fill in the contact form below or use the office locator to get in touch!