Direct Employment Agency

Are you a job seeker looking for a permanent position? Are you a hiring company that needs to hire people directly? Airswift is a world leader in staffing and recruitment, and we specialize in executive, contract and direct sourcing. We build relationships between professionals and businesses to make the industry the best it can be.

We take the time to understand the goals and needs of every job seeker and hiring company. No matter the background of the worker, the size of the company client, or the type of job, Swift is the ideal executive, contract and direct employment agency.


Airswift was founded with just a few employees and one office in London. Over three and a half decades we established a presence in 57 countries on six continents. We now have hundreds of employees and more than 50 offices worldwide. We are proud our unrivaled global pool of talent. All of this makes is possible for us to be a leader in direct sourcing.


Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. As a world leader among direct employment agencies, we have a global pool of talent. When you partner with Airswift, you will be treated like family and not just a number. We will act as a career guide for job seekers and lend human resources support for hiring companies.


Our direct sourcing services also include relocation. If you are interested in moving for a new job, or if the job you desire requires you to relocate, Airswift will guide and support you throughout the entire process. We can coordinate travel and housing arrangements passports, visas and immigration papers, and we provide a concierge pack to help you learn about your new home.


When you are ready to work with a direct employment agency to find your next position, view our job board and apply for a job or fill in the contact form below. Hiring companies can contact us to learn how we can help with any hiring needs.