Downstream Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies

Finding the right professionals when your company needs oil and gas downstream recruitment can be difficult. After all, many of the positions associated with refining crude oil and processing raw natural gas require educated and experienced professionals. Trying to locate and recruit the right talent on your own can be difficult, which leads companies to work with downstream recruitment agencies. Unfortunately, many of these companies are limited in scale as well as reach, leaving your company to juggle several different recruitment companies. It can make finding talent overly complicated.

The oil and gas sectors are highly competitive and require flexibility from businesses that hope to thrive. Your company will likely need to source raw materials in a number of places, meaning you have several downstream processing facilities. If your company is looking for downstream recruitment agencies, international reach is critical. That is why Airswift should be your first choice. After all, at Airswift, we have more than just downstream worldwide recruitment. We can offer your company managed solutions, handling everything from recruiting to relocating existing staff to a remote job site.

Airswift Has the Reach to Find the Best Possible Talent

A workforce solutions company can offer you access to a better pool of talent and more time-saving services, like consulting and global mobility services, along with recruitment. Our team of over 700 employees includes professional, experienced downstream oil and gas recruiters. Airswift’s team has the knowledge base and professional experience to help ensure your company can find the right talent. Our employees have an intimate understanding of the process, energy and infrastructure industries, which helps us connect clients with the best possible talent in these fields.

Airswift’s team of professionals works in over 50 offices around the world, meaning we have local resources in many critical energy hubs. We have more than 6,000 contractors currently working around the globe. Our clients get more than just basic recruitment services. They get local, customized workforce solutions, as well as access to our database of more than 500,000 potential candidates. We also have three new Delivery Centres, which help us offer 24/7 client support and faster resolution to your needs. When your company needs to fill critical downstream processing positions, we can help.

Choose Airswift for Downstream Workforce Solutions

Airswift can help your company efficiently fill positions in even the most remote locations, and we can help your company connect with the highest caliber of staff. Whether you need contingent staffing, permanent placement for downstream professionals or even executive staffing, Airswift can help your company find the right talent, when and where you need it. Our team will put all of our resources to work for you. Whether you need to hire workers locally at an international job site or relocate a crew to another country, Airswift can handle all the details for your company.

The best way for your downstream oil and gas company to fill open positions is to choose Airswift for workforce solutions. Our customized and scalable solutions will ensure your company connects with the right talent.