Employee Relocation Services

Growing your business in the energy, infrastructure, or process industries requires a lot of work and flexibility. Many companies must look for work in a number of different locations and bid on projects and contracts all over the world. If your company secures a distant contract, you will immediately need to begin thinking about employee relocation services. The further a work site is from your corporate headquarters; the more complex employee relocation becomes. It may prove difficult to locate skilled workers who are willing to travel for the position.

If your company is in need of relocating employees, best practices often fall outside of your resources. Employee relocations can include logistics, compliance with all applicable laws, and employee transition into a new environment. There are so many factors to consider about the relocation of employees that it often makes more sense for your business to work with an outside company. Outsourcing the entire employee relocation process can allow your existing team to focus on internal needs, and ensure the relocation process is quick, efficient, and compliant with local and international laws and regulations.

Outsourcing Relocation and Mobility Services Simplifies the Process

There are dozens of details to consider when you need to move workers for a project. Whether you need to mobilize a few members of management and other educated professionals, like engineers, or relocate an entire workforce from one location to another for a project, there is much to consider. You will need to arrange for work permits, visas, and other travel documentation for each worker. The travel itself must be scheduled as well as transportation from the airport to the work site. There are considerations when it comes to helping staff acclimate to a new location and ensuring income tax compliance for international workers.

All of these factors can overwhelm your internal team, and unless your human resources department has experience in relocating staff to the country of your projects, mistakes and oversights could cause delays or penalties. Partnering with a company that has experience with international mobility, global relocation, and legal compliance can ensure the entire process is managed properly. Instead of worrying about the minutia involved in relocating your workers, you and your internal staff can focus on helping your business continue daily operations and ongoing growth.

If You Need Global Relocation Options, Choose Airswift

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider within the energy, process, and infrastructure industries with full mobilization and relocation services. As a global leader in the workforce mobility field, Airswift has the reach and the experience to facilitate your relocation process. Airswift has hundreds of employees located in over 60 offices around the world, with the capability to service virtually any location on the planet, no matter how remote. Our teams have expert knowledge in local laws, travel arrangements, immigration, logistics, and more. Additionally, our international reach allows us to have a local presence for your business and employees.

Companies that need to relocate staff for one project or on a recurring basis benefit from working with Airswift. From vendor management to legal compliance, Airswift can help your company overcome the difficulties of international projects. Employee relocations do not need to drain your resources and strain your staff. Choose Airswift, and learn how simple international staff relocation can be.