Employee Relocation

If your company is currently growing or hoping to grow in the energy, process, or infrastructure industries, you may need to seek contracts and projects in many new locations. Maybe you have been looking at expanding your presence and establishing an office in a different country. Doing either of these can help you thrive in an incredibly competitive field, but it can also create a number of complications and challenges for your business. One of them will always be the human aspect of global work, which is employee relocation. Whether you’re hiring contract staff for the duration of the project or relocating existing staff to a work site far afield, there are a lot of things to consider.

The relocation of employees can prove to be one of the biggest challenges when your company is growing and is often the reasons some companies are slow to grow. There are many factors which can make the process of relocating your employees very complicated. You need to arrange for work visas or permits, handle the complexities of an international payroll system, and coordinate passports and travel arrangements to and from airports and to the work site. Before you can even begin with this, you have to offer attractive relocation packages for employees. In such a competitive field, you want the best and brightest contractors and staff. more remote and extreme the location for work, the more it may take to attract the right talent. Once your staff arrives in the country, they will need a help with the local language, laws, and cultural customs. Including a comfortable relocation package, competitive compensation and benefits, along with acclimation services upon arrival, can attract and maintain a mobile professional workforce.

The Complications of Employee Relocation

Due to the detailed requirements of entering a new country for work, there is a large possibility of financial loss if your current resources are not experienced in international laws and regulations. Maybe they have the experience, but the volume of relocations is far out of their capabilities. Working with an outside company for employee relocation can simplify the process.

There is also a significant potential for financial losses related to employee issues if you are relocating staff. You need to establish a strong relocation policy, which should address these concerns, mandating a certain number of pay periods before the relocation benefits are fully paid, for example. Your relocation policy for new employees should be no different. . Taking these kinds of steps can reduce the risk of losses and delays related to employees failing to perform their contractual obligations. Outsourcing the process can be one of the most frustrating things about employee relocations. You know you need an experienced professional to handle it, but many companies are limited as far as where they can offer their services. Some may only service North America, while others are limited to Europe. You also need to make sure you choose a company with can help you ensure compliance with international laws.

Airswift Can Handle Your Employee Relocations

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider for the energy, process, and infrastructure industries. Workforce solutions is more than just staffing and recruitment, but rather a full suite of services to support any kind of workforce needs, including employee relocation services. Our Global Mobility services provide our clients with a menu of options to support any and all of their relocation and mobilization requirements. Airswift has developed a presence on six continents with over 50 offices around the world and a global network of knowledgeable resource to help our clients safely and compliantly expand their businesses. Our local teams have the expertise and support that your workers will benefit from during their stay, whether it be for a short-term project or a long-term stay.

Employee relocation no longer has to be a strain on your company’s desire for growth and expansion. Find out how simple the process can be when you choose Airswift for all your local and international relocation and mobilization needs.