Employment Staffing Agencies

Do you feel like you have been through every employment staffing agency in the world? If you are a new or experienced energy, process and infrastructure worker or a company contact with a need for talent, look no further than Airswift. As a leader among employment staffing agencies for the industry, we are familiar with your situation.

After several decades in this field, we. As an international employment agency, we have developed strategies for connecting talent and need in Energy, process and infrastructure on a global scale, which a random employment staffing agency will struggle to do. We are committed to creating relationships between our contractors and company clients by doing it in a way that will make the industry better.

With over 30 years of exclusive focus in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, we set ourselves apart from other employment staffing agencies. We have been expanding and improving since our founding, From one office in the United Kingdom, we have grown into more than 50 offices around the world run by hundreds of employees. With the help of thousands of contractors, they draw from our incomparable talent pool and place them with our amazing company clients. Unlike any locally focused employment staffing agency, we have work in 57 countries and on six continents.


All you have to do is look at our name to see where our integrity resides. We have taken each letter of Airswift to represent one of our core principles.

First is safety, which is vital for the people and property we work with.

Second is World Class service. We aim to deliver world-class service and operational excellence in everything we do because we care.

Third is Integrity. We behave ethically and treat everyone with respect.

Fourth is Fulfillment. We strive to deliver results that ensure everyone we work with is completely satisfied, which might not be said for any other international employment agency.

Fifth is Transparency. We are open and honest with everyone with whom we work. All our relationships are built on mutual trust.

Other employment staffing agencies may not emphasize their ethics throughout their business as we do. Make your life simple, and come to Airswift for your employment needs.


As your employment staffing agency, Airswift is a sure thing for your career or business. Please take the time to visit the job board on our site, fill in the contact form below or use the office locator. We are at your service!