Engineering Careers

Engineering careers in the energy industry are exciting. For companies, finding the perfect candidate can be a full time job and require a lot of work with minimal return. For candidates, finding a job in an overwhelming and intimidating market can be tough to navigate. Airswift is dedicated to matching talented workers and companies in need. Airswift is the best choice for staffing in the energy industry and for careers in engineering.

Airswift specializes in staffing and recruiting for the energy industry. We work with small, medium and large company clients, and our candidates come from all backgrounds, experience levels, and specialties. They make up our database of more than 200,000 people. After decades of leading the way staffing and recruiting, we are the experts on engineering careers in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors.


Over 35 years ago, Airswift began with one office and fewer than 10 employees. Our goal was to provide services for any engineering career on a global scale. We expanded our business, and now we are present in 57 countries on six continents. We have more than 50 offices worldwide with hundreds of employees and thousands of supporting contractors who work with many of the top brands in the sector.


Airswift realizes that your engineering vacancies might be in any of a variety of subsets of engineering. Fortunately, we function in all areas including chemical, subsea, risk, electrical, maintenance, project management, structural, piping design, assurance, automation engineering. We offer support for companies who need to fill mechanical engineer and development engineer vacancies.


As a global company with a large and solid network, Airswift provides full relocation services. This is great for those wanting an engineering career that takes them abroad, and it also benefits companies wanting to hire a diverse and talented group. Think of it as a literal world of opportunity.

We make the process smooth by offering travel and housing arrangements, and providing contractors with a concierge pack that introduces their new home.


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