Engineering Job Search

Feeling let down with your engineering job search? Whether you are looking for a position for yourself, or you are looking to fill a vacancy in your company, our guess is that you are not getting the help and guidance you need. At Airswift, we would be happy to make the entire process easier and ultimately more successful for you.

Since the early 1980s, we have been a world leader in the field of energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting. We started as a small company in London with fewer than 10 employees in one office, but we have since grown over the decades and now have over 800 employees in more than 50 offices worldwide with ongoing work in 57 countries on six continents Our database contains an unprecedented number of candidates who are supported with the help of over 6,000 contractors. Many of our contractors stay with Airswift for more than two years. These connections allow us to have great relationships with people and the top brand energy, process and infrastructure companies who are our clients.

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We feel that dedication to human connection sets us apart from other employment agencies and helps us truly make a difference for the energy, process and infrastructure industries.


Finding a job can be difficult, and an engineering job search in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors can leave someone feeling overwhelmed. Let Airswift’s decades of experience work to help put you in touch with the companies that have immediate need and long-term rewards.

When you meet your recruitment specialist, the two of you will be begin your engineer job search. Once your resume is polished and has landed you a position, you will be assigned to a personal account manager throughout your new job. Together, you will work on advancing your career with future opportunities through connections to top companies.


Do you think you will never find the right person for your vacant engineering job? Airswift can simplify the vetting and hiring process so that you can concentrate on growing your brand. Let us handle background checks, contract negotiation, legalities and more while we present you with highly qualified, motivated candidates.


To improve your engineering job search, or to get in touch with the perfect candidate, please apply for a job or fill in the contact form below.