Engineering Job Titles

In order to supply the world with the commodities necessary to power everyday life, companies rely on the education, skills and services of engineers. Airswift does everything possible to maintain and manage one of the world’s largest databases of engineer job titles specializing in services for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors.


Because there are so many different aspects to the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, several different engineering specialties can be found on drill sites, refineries and pipelines around the world. The different engineering job titles Airswift helps to staff include:

Structural Engineers: People with this engineering job title are responsible for designing and implementing the infrastructure and machinery needed to operate large drill sites. They could design the roads that lead to drilling sites, the equipment on large offshore vessels or even the buildings that house refineries.

Geotechnical Engineers: These engineers are responsible for gauging the drilling points for different sites to make sure seismic activity remains at adequate levels.

Instrument Engineers: Responsible for measuring and controlling various levels of chemicals and machinery functions on drill sites, labs and other production areas.

Field Engineers: Field engineers oversee oil rig workers and roustabouts to make sure they are safely and accurately following protocol.

Process Engineers: Responsible for making sure all chemicals are processed safely and for their intended uses using advanced techniques and machinery.

Drilling Engineers: These engineers make sure that a certain area is safely drilled in and is used for its maximum level of output.

Procurement Engineer: Responsible for making sure oil rigs, offshore vessels and refineries are stocked and up-to-date with the latest materials and machinery.


To become an engineer in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, it is vital to receive a college degree from a four year university. If you are capable of receiving a Master’s degree, your chances of finding employment are even higher. With more experience you receive additional chances to find positions in areas you want. Airswift will help you create and craft a resume that lets you stand out from the competition and highlights your unique skills.


The energy, process and infrastructure sectors have job titles for engineers on every corner of the planet. To work the job you want the most, it may be necessary to move. Airswift takes care of all travel logistics for our contractors so they can easily and comfortably adjust to life in a new area of their own country or even a new country. We will help you find a residence, equip you with appropriate transportation and even ship goods from home. If moving to another country, we can help you procure passports and visas so you can start working as soon as possible.


If you are qualified for any of these engineering job titles, contact Airswift through fill the contact form below or by phone to speak with one of our representatives.