Engineering Jobs Canada

Welcome to Airswift. For three and a half decades, we’ve led the way among energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting services all over the globe. If you’re interested in joining one of these industries, experienced as an engineer, or seeking an executive for that corner office, you’re looking in the right place.

Engineering jobs in Canada are both demanding and rewarding, and the same is true when it comes to finding people to fill Canada engineering jobs. Because we work exclusively in energy. process and infrastructure sectors, Airswift is familiar with the vetting and hiring process and excels at connecting talented individuals with the companies that want to reward them.

These days, finding engineering jobs in Canada is just one example of what we can do. However, over 35 years ago, we were just a few employees trying to build a company in a small, London office. We’ve worked hard to expand, and now we have over 50 offices on the globe, ongoing projects in 57 countries and our geographical reach and pool of talent available is unmatched in the industry.


Why work with employment agencies that don’t truly understand your experience? We’re prepared to put you in touch with the bosses you really want, and get you that dream job. First, you work with your personal account manager to learn about opportunities and plan your search. We’ll spruce up your resume to attract the right eyes, and if you land a temporary position, as is common, we’ll start looking for its replacement right away.

We also want you to feel supported both on and off the clock. If relocation is a part of your career path, know that we can help out with passports, visas and immigration papers, and we will even throw in a concierge pack to help you get to know your new home.


Ready to meet candidates matching with 90 percent or more of your outlined skill set? What about men and women who are not on the job boards and driven by more than just the prospect of a paycheck? We’ve got people eager to work at your company and for the salary you’re offering.

Vetting and hiring for engineering jobs in Canada can be time consuming, but we will help streamline the process by taking much of the burden from your shoulders. Human resources tasks like drug screens, contract negotiation and background checks are par for the course. We also provide payroll services and benefits packages.


When you’re ready for more guidance on the engineer jobs Canada offers, use the contact form below or office locator to get in touch. We look forward to speaking with you!