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    Welcome to Airswift. As the world leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting, we take a great deal of pride in our work as well as our individual contractors and top brand company clients. Engineering jobs in Malaysia are a large part of our business.

    Airswift was founded over 35 years ago in a small office in the United Kingdom. We concentrated on growing, and we now maintain more than 50 offices, across six continents. The engineering jobs Malaysia offers are part of our everyday operations. With over 800 employees and 6,000 contractors operating in over 50 countries, our geographical reach and pool of talent available is unmatched in the industry and the level of experience, exposure and expertise that the organization has is unparalleled.

    Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We are passionate about building relationships between talented people and rewarding companies. It would be our pleasure to have you join us through engineering jobs in Malaysia.


    Job hunting is more than just finding a job. It is finding a job that allows both personal and professional growth with a company that makes you feel valued. Airswift can help with your search by pairing you with a recruitment consultant who speaks with you about opportunities and options, helps you update and polish your resume, and works to find potential replacement jobs should you work any temporary positions. Airswift is ready to help you find the best engineering jobs Malaysia can offer.


    Are you offering the best engineer jobs Malaysia has and need to find top talent? The men and women in Airswift’s candidate database are not on the job boards, and since we work exclusively in energy, process and infrastructure, these candidates are the best in the industry. Every candidate you meet will bring experience, and motivation with a desire to grow in their careers. Let Airswift work with you or as your human resources personnel by handling any necessary background checks, drug screens and various negotiations. From payroll services to benefits packages, we take the struggles of vetting and hiring from your shoulders.


    Energy, process and infrastructure engineering jobs in Malaysia require the support of a leading staffer and recruiter. Please fill the contact form below to get in touch. We’ll be ready to work with you right away!

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