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Airswift Is a Head above Other Engineering Staffing Agencies

You might think that all engineering recruiting firms are the same, and relatively impersonal when it comes to working with individuals and company clients alike. At Airswift, you’ll find something very different. We consider you part of the network, and act as a long term partner for your career or business, rather than a temporary service that’s here today and gone tomorrow.

For more than 35 years, Airswift has been growing as a global leader among chemical engineering consulting firms, as well as other staffing and recruiting agencies in the energy, infrastructure and process sectors. With our current status of working in 57 countries, we’ve stayed dedicated to the success of our contractors and clients, and take pride in the thorough work that has built our reputation.

How We Set Ourselves Apart from other Engineering Recruiting Firms

Perhaps you’ve run the gamut of engineering recruiting firms, and have yet to land that dream job or find an employee who understands your vision. At Airswift, we take the time to get to know our contractors and clients, and find solutions that work for the satisfaction of everyone involved.

We have a solid list of ethics, which include empowerment, integrity and honesty. Further, we have decades of experience, during which we’ve focused on one industry and built relationships with countless professionals and companies. The results have been positive, and we now see former Airswift employees and contractors coming back to us when they need contractors of their own.

From the beginning of your time with Airswift, you receive personalized attention. Whether that means recharging your resume, for executive recruits or inviting you to the company picnic, you’ll know you’re one of us. Our priority is always helping you find solid employment or the talent you company needs, though we recognize that it’s more complicated than a paycheck. Unlike other chemical engineering consulting firms, we emphasize the necessity for passion, the desire for personal growth and a love of the energy industry.

Our sheer size is an illustration of what we can offer as an engineering recruiting company. An unmatched database of contractors, and over 50 working offices all over the planet, mean you can go just about anywhere, and choose candidates from a vast and impressive pool. Better yet, Airswift will take care of travel and lodging logistics, as well as the red tape of immigration and passport documentation. Payroll, benefits, drug screens, concierge packs and all other human resource needs will be fully taken care of by our talented and helpful staff.

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We’re standing by, ready and waiting to hear from you. To find out more about how Airswift can offer you more than other engineering recruiting firms, please fill in our contact form given below or contact a specific office with our office locator. We look forward to speaking with you about your business or career!