Environment Jobs Canada

At Airswift, we strive to make the energy, process and infrastructure industries the best they can be. With decades of leading the way in staffing and recruiting, we have excellent relationships with many of the top brands, as well as many of the amazing individuals who make those brands what they are. Our dedication is evident, as you’ll see when you partner with us.

When we were just starting out over 35 years ago, the environmental jobs Canada might have needed were not really on our radar. In fact, we were just a few people trying to build a business in a small, London office. We must have done something right because we now have over 50 international offices and employ hundreds of people. By partnering with thousands of consultants, we bring together the industry-driving number of candidates in our database with the companies offering the best career opportunities. The environment jobs Canada oversees are just some of the projects ongoing in 57 countries.


Getting into the energy, process and infrastructure industries on your own can be tough, but Airswift makes it so much easier. From the minute you sign up to be a contractor, you work with a personal account manager who speaks with you at least every two weeks. We’ll ensure your resume is designed to attract the attention of the best environmental jobs Canada brands have to offer, and search for replacement positions if yours is temporary.

When you’re not on the clock, we know that you’ll know feel supported with an optional comprehensive benefits package and someone who’s there in a time of need.

Perhaps you’re thinking of relocating to get in on the environment jobs Canada has today. Airswift opens the door to a world of opportunity, and we would be happy to help you find jobs in your town, across the country, and overseas. If you do relocate, we’ll give you a concierge pack to help you get used to your new home and assist you with travel services.


When it’s time to take on a new employee at any level of your company, come to Airswift. We often see former contractors come back to us for workers of their own. This lets us know that we’re doing something right. Let us streamline the vetting and hiring process by doing the legwork of pinpointing the best candidates, and only sending you those men and women who meet 90 percent or more of your specified criteria. Since they’re not on the job boards, they count on us for their next Canada environmental jobs.


When you want to know about the environmental jobs Canada companies have vacant, or the best prospective candidate, fill in the contact form below or office locator to get in touch. Thanks for stopping by!