Environmental Jobs In Oil And Gas

Environmental consultant graduates play strategic roles in the day-to-day operations of the Energy, process and infrastructure industries by providing drilling services and installing monitoring wells. The scope of work you perform in environmental jobs in Alberta may require skilled engineers to conduct detailed soil samples while environmental jobs located offshore may require careful study of marine life and habitats.

Airswift helps the biggest companies in the energy, process and infrastructure industries staff their open environmental drilling jobs around the globe. We also help job candidates who are interested in breaking into the field or who have years of experience find the most lucrative and rewarding careers in the industry.


No matter what part of the world the energy, process and infrastructure sectors have a presence, environmental consultant graduates are needed to ensure the work sites remain operable and up to the hosting country’s regulations. For those looking to get started in junior environmental jobs, this means that you could find yourself relocated to any country that is a major producer of Oil & Gas, a division of the energy, process and infrastructure. Airswift’s business services team helps you with all travel logistics including finding a new residence, shipping of home goods, rental cars, passports, and visas.


Environmental drilling jobs need to be filled for all experience levels. Airswift prides itself on having the largest database of energy, process and infrastructure sector workers in the world and our network consists of new graduates as well as seasoned professionals. Airswift hosts a database of number of candidates unmatched by any other workforce solutions provider and each candidate possess experience in different fields and environments within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. No matter what skill set you bring with you to the job search, we will make you stand out with resume crafting services that expedite the entire hiring process.


Airswift strives to maintain the strongest connections in the energy, process and infrastructure industries and has placed job candidates in 57 countries. With over 50 offices on six different continents, we are committed to keeping the largest family of contractors within the industry. We are dedicated to our contractors and deliver exceptional services such as resume building so you remain viable for future environmental drilling jobs. Airswift also goes beyond the call of duty when your contract runs out by making sure our entire staff is dedicated to finding you your next position.


If you are ready to launch your career into unprecedented heights, Airswift would love to speak with you about environmental drilling jobs further. You can contact us immediately through our contact form below and an Airswift account manager will answer your questions in further detail. If you are looking to fill junior environmental jobs or have a need to strategically staff head of environment jobs at your worksite, call us and we will help facilitate your search for the most qualified candidates.