Executive Relocation Services

Executive relocations can be a headache. From travel accommodations to taxis, and hotels to translators, there is a lot of logistical paperwork that must be considered. Internal documentation of the various expenses needs to be maintained. You’re likely also required to advise the government if this is an international relocation.

Executive Relocation Is a Common Business Practice

Perhaps your board of directors just hired a new executive from another successful company, or maybe your existing CEO is moving offshore to directly oversee expansion in other countries. Whatever the cause of your executive relocation, there are certain commonalities, including airfare, ground transportation, and cabs or taxis to lodging which must be planned and pre-paid. Visas, passports, and other government paperwork must be executed and submitted. Possessions must be packaged and shipped. In some cases, schooling arrangements will need to be made if family is traveling.

For those who aren’t experienced in the process of executive relocation, it may prove overwhelming. Don’t stress your staff with the details of an executive relocation. Seek the assistance of professionals who have an understanding of executive relocation that can only come from successful experience. Consider outsourcing your needs for executive relocation services to Airswift.

Outsourced Executive Relocation Can Streamline the Process

Instead of expecting management, support staff, or human resources to handle these arrangements at the cost of many salaried work hours, Airswift can handle the entire executive relocation process. Our experienced professionals can easily arrange for your executive’s relocation without destroying your schedule or your budget. Controlling costs is much simpler when the project is outsourced to an experienced company like Airswift.

Airswift can take care of all the details of relocation. From getting household pets through customs to arranging lodging during travel, Airswift can handle every step of the process. This gives your executives a sense of security, as they can trust that everything will be handled appropriately. It also frees up your staff to focus on the work they do best.

Choose Airswift for Your Executive Relocation Needs

If you need your executive relocation to go smoothly, you want to work with a team that has experience. Airswift has over 30 years of experience in offering workforce solutions, including executive relocation and international travel logistics. With over 50 offices around the globe, Airswift has the ability to help you smoothly transition an executive from one location to another, which is unparalleled. No matter how many people you are relocating or where they are headed, Airswift can ensure the executive relocation process is as streamlined as possible.