Expeditor Jobs

Welcome to Airswift. For mover 35 years, we have been leading the energy, process and infrastructure industries in staffing and recruitment services. From expeditor jobs to engineering roles, administration to executive positions, we have the skills and connections that your career and company need.

Are you wondering how you will staff an expeditor job description, or maybe you want to know where these jobs are available in various parts of the world? At Airswift, we maintain ongoing relationships with the world’s top name brands and individual contractors in energy, process and infrastructure. We know that we have built a reliable network when we have former contractors return to us for help filling a vacant expeditor job.

Before we dealt with the expeditor jobs we offer today, we were a small, London-based company with one office and handful of employees. We have since expanded with over 50 offices worldwide and over 800 employees. We oversee workers in 57 countries and on six continents who are supported every day by over 6,000 contractors who work with our unmatched global pool of talent; we have the resources to assist you with expeditor jobs!


An expeditors job description falls within the procurement discipline at Airswift. This position involves the purchasing and project management  in the realm of securing necessary goods and components in a timely fashion. With the large scale projects ongoing in the energy, process and infrastructure industries, a procurement expeditor is vital to the larger unit.


If you are looking for a job, or if you have one to fill in your company, we are the solution you need. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We are dedicated to this idea of a supportive nature, and we never want our company clients or contractors to feel like another number. We are all about facilitating relationships and working together for the long-term.

When you apply for an expeditor job, you will work with a recruitment consultant who will help you secure the position with interview preparation, resume polishing, and regular contact about the hiring process. As a working contractor, you will be matched with a personal account manager who keeps in touch about your new role and future positions. If you are interested in relocating, we can help with travel logistics to make sure you have an easy transition.

As a member of the Airswift network, you can get to know your coworkers at picnics,
When you send Airswift an expeditor job description for your company, you will only meet highly qualified individuals for the job. We will also take care of all human resources tasks so that you can concentrate on your business.


Learn more about expeditor jobs through Airswift when you submit the contact form given below or use the office locator on our website. It will be our pleasure to speak with you!