Finding An Exploration Job In Oil And Gas

Oil & Gas exploration is an exciting component of the industry’s progression. Whether you are an experienced explorer, or need one to join your company, Airswift has what it takes to move you forward through oil exploration jobs.

For decades, Airswift has been a leader in Oil & Gas staffing and recruiting. We build strong working relationships with individuals and professionals, whether they’re involved with oil exploration jobs, top ranking executives or roustabouts. At every level of a company, and with every kind of Oil & Gas professional, we work hard to make a good match between needed talent and the organizations that will help that talent grow.

Who Is Airswift?

Airswift is a global company focused on the people of Oil & Gas. We quickly grew to be world players in the last 35 years. Today, we have an unmatched database of contractors, over 50 offices all over the world and professionals working in 57 countries. This puts us in a great position for anyone seeking or trying to fill jobs in exploration, as we have connections to the best in the world. Oil & Gas exploration benefits greatly when the finest experts and most successful companies can find each other easily.

All of this is evidence of how much we live to do whatever it takes, and go wherever it takes us, to be the biggest network in Oil & Gas.

Get a Job in Oil & Gas Exploration

You have the training and the experience, and just need to find that perfect position. From the minute you sign up with Airswift, you will be assigned your own account manager, who contacts you no less than every two weeks to discuss the job search. One of the first steps is polishing your resume, to be certain that it will attract the eyes of preferred employers. We can help you prepare for your interview, and even get to work finding a replacement position if a temporary one ends. If new jobs in exploration require relocation, we can set you up with all of the necessary documents, including a passport, immigration papers and a visa. Better yet, we provide a concierge package to help you get to know your new home.

When you’re Offering Oil Exploration Jobs

Count on Airswift to see to all of the human resource necessities. From fully vetting candidates to taking care of payroll details, we lift a great deal of the search burden from your shoulders. Know that anyone you meet from Airswift will fulfill 90% or more of your criteria, be motivated by genuine passion and be ready to do the job right.

Contact Airswift Today For Oil and Gas Exploration Jobs

Please fill the contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator. We look forward to supporting you in Oil & Gas exploration!