Finding Oil And Gas Jobs Offshore

If offshore oil and gas jobs are of interest to you, Airswift can be your source for support, information and connections to the best people and brands in the industry. Not only do we work with leading offshore oil and gas companies, we also have a list of candidates that includes some of the greatest talent around.

Airswift has been working with offshore oil and gas jobs for decades on an increasing scale. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider with 35 years of experience. We know we are doing something right when we see former contractors returning in search of candidates for their own offshore oil and gas companies.

Airswift works only in energy, process and infrastructure. In the early days, we had one small office in London with just a handful of employees. We concentrated on expanding into other areas, and we are now operating in 57 countries across six continents. We have over 50 offices around the world with hundreds of employees who work with thousands of contractors. All of this makes it possible for us to connect the best candidates from our unrivaled talent pool with our many top name brand company clients for oil and gas offshore work.


Do you love the thought of working on the open seas and seeing the world from a new perspective while at work? If so, then the offshore oil and gas industry is the perfect place for you. From the minute you apply for a job, you will work with a recruitment consultant who helps you secure that position. As a working contractor, you will have your own personal account manager who keeps in touch about your career and replacement opportunities for temporary positions.


Are you tired of weeding through resumes and not finding the right people for your vacant positions? You can get back to running your business when you partner with Airswift. We will administer background checks, drug screens, salary arbitration and contract negotiation, and we can even take care of payroll and benefits services.

Each candidate we send to interview at offshore oil and gas companies will meet 90 percent or more of the required skill set, be driven by motivation that goes beyond a paycheck, and be eager to work in your salary range and environment.


To learn more about offshore oil and gas jobs with Airswift, please use the contact form below or office locator on our website. Thanks for reading!